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We are an Australian engineering firm manufacturing a diverse range of wholesale products with hose reels being the main range, but we also make a tool for bending suspended ceiling rods, council park and playground equipment, bicycle treadmill frames, and several other items.

We also offer services like plasma profile cutting, welding, and powder coating.

Our steel hose reels are strong, simple, long lasting, and suitable as garden hose reel, industial hose reel, air hose reel, water hose reel, layflat hose reel and can be seen on our basichosereels website. Other garden products on that site include hose tidy models, and sprinkler stands.

The MAJiK Rodbender is a tool for making suspended ceiling installation quicker and easier and can be seen on our rodbender website.

Thank you for visiting our site. We are still working on it but hope you can find all the information you need. If there is more required, or you find a problem with the site, please contact us.

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